Winterize Your Home Now

Winterize Your Home Now

The best time of year to winterize your home is before winter. Winter can be a challenging time to get any sort of exterior project done. This also helps you catch problems before they arise during months when tackling these issues become difficult.

So we here at Silver State Soft Wash have come up with a few items to tick off your to-do list before the winter comes. While we may be a pressure washing business, we know a thing or two about keeping a home safe throughout the year.

Seal Windows And Doorways

If there are any sort of cracks in the windows or doorways of your home, you are sure to feel them in the winter. There will be uncomfortable drafts if you don't get these checked out as soon as you can. Prevent them by sealing the areas properly.

Seal them by replacing the weather stripping, fixing the hinges, adding new caulking or sealants, or simply hire a professional to inspect the issues for you.

Clean Up Your Exterior Surfaces Before Winter

Keeping your property safe and healthy means getting the right pressure washing done in time. You don't want all that dirt and debris to be there during the months when you can't do anything about it. Dirt and growths will more deeply penetrate and stain your exteriors. Schedule your house washing and gutter cleaning as soon as you can now.


In some cases, the power may go out for a few days or longer in extreme weather. This is no time to go out when the roads are icy. So in this case you want to have a generator to keep yourself and your home warm until it's safe to go out and get supplies or evacuate.

Get Supplies

Supplies during the winter months are things like food, drinking water, batteries, gas, and clothing to stay warm. When a big storm is on its way, the stores are cleared out. This is why you need to stock up on the necessities before they become necessary. But some nonperishable foods every time you go to the store so you have some in storage for those emergencies come to be.

Remember, it's best to be prepared than not at all. You don't need to have a large amount of everything, just enough to survive a few days here and there of extreme weather.