Fence Restoration and Concrete Cleaning in Carson City, NV

Fence Restoration and Concrete Cleaning in Carson City, NV

I received a direct message from a homeowner in Carson City. They were inquiring about getting their concrete patio and driveway cleaned as well as the interior side of the fence. After describing my process and services, they were eager to get this project started. Cleaning concrete seems like a simple enough job, but if you want the best results, a proper pre and post treatment is going to yield the best results. The homeowners have never had a professional cleaning of their fence and concrete, so they were absolutely satisfied with the results.

We started with the fence cleaning and restoration. There was a beautiful pergola that was covered in bird feed and feces that we were able to completely remove with the proper chemical treatment. This did not only clean the wood, but it will help preserve the pergola and fence for years to come. After the fence was cleaned, we started with the concrete patio and driveway. We started with a pre treatment to kill off any surface organics before going over the patio and driveway with a dedicated surface cleaner before finishing with a post treatment. The clients were more than thrilled with the results and could not wait to schedule us for a future service.

Budget: 350

Location: Carson City, NV

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